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TrixBrix Supports Bundle 2.0

TrixBrix Supports Bundle 2.0

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A new, reimagined elevated tracks kit complete with 10 highest and 20 incline supports to build a fully working overpass.

Contains the following at a considerable discount

  • 1x - Highest Supports 2.0
  • 2x - Incline Supports 2.0
  • Rubber Wheel Rings - 4pcs


  • When building the inclines with the original LEGO® tracks you will use all the support columns, but using Trixbrix Double Straight Tracks you only need to use a half of the support columns - use the spare octagonal bricks to achieve a bigger vertical clearance or a less steep incline (but twice as long)
  • Upgrade the rubber bands on the motorized wheels with the Trixbrix Rubber Wheel Rings to get a better grip on the inclines
  • Add more Highest Supports 2.0 sets to get even longer overpass. Each set gives you an additional 140cm of elevated railroad


  • Quickly and effortlessly build bridges
  • Run two trains on top of each other
  • Create underpasses without collisions
  • Contains 30 segments in total
  • Build a full u-turn using 9 segments and 8 curved tracks
  • Each segment consists of 2 feet, injection molded Octagonal Bricks, 2 octagonal bricks with holes, 2 track cross arm connectors and 1 adjustable cross arm, tracks sold separately
  • fully compatible with LEGO® tracks as well as the Trixbrix Double Straight Tracks which enable different height configurations by saving the bricks needed for an incline
  • 10 segments span 11 train tracks = 176 studs = 140 cm
  • The highest column, including the cross-arm, is 121.6mm high (38 plates)
  • Vertical clearance of 11,8 cm (fits every LEGO® train). By adding more Octagonal Bricks you can achieve any height you need
  • Horizontal clearance of 10 studs = 8 cm
  • Winter Holiday train doesn't fit under - the chimney is too high
  • all heights are multiples of 3.2mm (one LEGO® plate height)
  • Dark Bluish Gray color (same as original)

In case your train has difficulty climbing the incline try the following

  • Fresh batteries - should be non-rechargeable because accus have lower voltage which translates to lower torque and speed.
  • Give the train a bit of speed before making the incline.
  • Upgrade the rubber bands on the motorized wheels with the Trixbrix Rubber Wheel Rings
  • If you have some custom trains or too many wagons, you might need to make them shorter or lighter in some way.
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