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SW Forge Keeper

SW Forge Keeper

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Custom Minifigure - SW Forge Keeper

When your warriors need a new piece of armor or even spiritual advice, then there’s no better figure to turn to then the 'SW Forge Keeper'. Though she is calm and wise, her skills with the tools are not limited to the craft that she has devoted her life to. She is also proficient in combat and many a foe has fallen at the blunt end of her hammer. With her wealth of experience and knowledge of the practices of old, she’ll soon set your warriors on the right path. This is the way.

The 'SW Forge Keeper V2' comes with a beautifully crafted helmet, fitting of her station, and some amazing “heated” tools with a radical transparent effect. She also retains the finely crafted soft goods that made our original figure so prized. A furry stoll and pleated skirt/apron.  Don’t miss out on this fantastic figure!

This design has been created by the LEGO® loving print team at the FireStar Toys print studio. The design is directly printed on to the LEGO® figure for a perfect and play resistant finish, no horrible stickers or vinyl, just pure printed awesomeness.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this product was created using custom designed artwork inspired by popular characters and is in no way affiliated or associated with copyrighted and trademarked products or brands.

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